Mobile Networks Evolution

March 27, 2011

Almost two years back my work made me realize that I needed to get familiar with mobile networks. I had spent most of my working life in working with data networks – TCP/IP networks to be precise. Telecommunication networks was a completely unknown beast. I soon realized that I had still underestimated it.

  • Ever confusing standards documentation.
  • Infinite acronyms.
  • Lot of Jargon.
  • Misinformation and misrepresentations in the literature available in public domain
  • Too many pieces to know where to start;  how to proceed
  • Vendor proprietary behavior
  • No access to real systems to validate understanding

I created this presentation  in a view to provide a concise view of basic understanding required to develop deeper insights into mobile networks. This is not meant to be an expert level treatment as each slide probably deserves a full presentation of its own. However, when one wants to start developing deeper understanding of mobile networks this presentation should provide the big-picture view of things. It should make clear the reason for existence of each piece of this picture and its relation with the other pieces.

The presentation is available here


4 Responses to “Mobile Networks Evolution”

  1. […] to Gandhar Gokhale, our speaker for making the presentation available along with a blog post. This link takes you to the blog post. A link to the presentation is at the bottom of the blog post. […]

  2. gandhar Says:

    And another twist in the 4G tale:

    Now ITU says 4G is “undefined” and LTE and WiMAX are entitled to the 4G ‘designation’.

  3. interesting presentation. Very informative, lucid. Even for someone who does not understand a ‘Ga’ of it is made clear. Well done mate.

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